Public Dialogues

Dialogue on Climate Change, Wildlife and Pastoral Communities in North-Eastern Tanzania, 17th August, 2014


This was a one-day public dialogue that focused on climate change, wildlife and pastoral communities. It involved local communities, researchers, young scientists, policy makers and practitioners. The dialogue provided an opportunity for researchers to share with wildlife and pastoral communities and other key stakeholders on the impacts of climate change in the arid and semi-arid zone and ways of addressing the challenges. During the dialogue, there were “eye witnesses” from such communities who provided their perspectives on climate change related impacts and how such communities are responding to such challenges. A total of 120 participants attended the dialogue from within the Monduli District.

Dialogue on the Challenges of Urbanisation and Development in Africa in the Context of Changing Climate, 22nd July, 2013


This was a one-day public dialogue that focused on the challenges of urbanisation and development in Africa in the context of climate change. The dialogue involved local communities, urban planners, researchers, young scientists, policy makers and practitioners. It provided an opportunity for participants to explore various impacts of climate change on rapidly urbanizing areas in Africa. The dialogue provided an avenue where various initiatives addressing challenges of climate change on urban settings could be devised/ adopted and implemented. The dialogue was attended by a total of 320 participants from within Tanzania and beyond. The general discussion was preceded by key note addresses from eminent Scientists from Germany, Canada, U.S.A. and Tanzania. Their key note addresses were thematically based, setting a scene for a wider discussion by participants.