Area of competency and research fields

The department is a key player nationally and in the region in engineering hydrology and water resources management. The members are involved in research in water quality modelling, hydrological rainfall-runoff modelling, assessment of impacts of catchment changes on hydrology and hydrogeology, climate and water linkages, development of methods for drinking water treatment, sustainable sanitation and environmental impact assessment.

Hydrological and reservoir drawdown studies for Kihansi reservoir

Evapotranspiration monitoring in Kilombero Basin

Careers for Graduates

The graduates from our degree programmes are employed by central government, local government, public and private companies, special projects and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Several graduates have joined postgraduate degree programmes at the department or overseas. Career opportunities available for our graduates include:

National and Regional Agencies: National Environmental Management Council (NEMC), Energy and Water Regulatory Agency (EWURA), Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Authorities (UWSAs in all major towns of Tanzania), Water Departments in Municipal and District Councils, National Water Board and Basin Water Boards.

Water Resource Design & Protection: design of urban water supply networks, feasibility studies for water resources projects, design of drainage systems in urban areas and for highways, design of municipal wastewater treatments systems.

Computer Simulation of Water & Pollutant Transport: Simulate fate and transport of pollutants in lakes (Victoria, Tanganyika etc). Modeling studies for rivers, major rivers (Pangani, Rufiji), and prediction of impacts of climate change on water resources and water resources projects.