Our Staff

Technical Staff

The department has four (4) experienced and well qualified Civil engineering technicians who provide an important support to the department's academic and research activities. The technical staff assists in setting up experiments and demonstrations for the students, and conducting both laboratory and field tests for the construction industry.

Administrative Staff

The department has one (1) administrative staff member  who provides support to the department in all administrative matters.

Academic Staff (Engineers)

  • Prof. J.J.Msambichaka, Dr. Ing, Associate Professor
  • Prof. N. M. Lema, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Prof. A. L. Mrema, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Prof. I. A. Rubaratuka, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Dr. A. A. Shirima, PhD, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. L. M. Shirima, Dr. Ing, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. J. K. Makunza, Dr.-Ing., Senior   Lecturer
  • Dr. R. S. Mlinga, PhD, Lecturer
  • Dr. F. X.  Momanyi, PhD, Lecturer
  • Dr. L. M. Chamuriho, PhD, Lecturer
  • Dr. S. M. Matiko, PhD, Lecturer
  • Dr. H. Meleki, PhD, Lecturer
  • Mrs. M. E. Lupembe, MSc (Eng.), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. A. Mwambingu, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. L. Kalenga, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Ms. E. Matemba, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. P.Z. Holela, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. E. E. Moshi, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. R.R. Mahundi, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. J. Kessy, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. E. Leo, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. D. Malyuta, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. Fred Munishi, MSc (Eng), Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. M. Kilumile, MSc (Eng),  Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. W. Mamari, MSc (Eng.) Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr. Daud Augustino, BSc (Eng) Tutorial Assistant
  • Mr. Y. Myamba, BSc,(Eng), Tutorial Assistant
  • Mr. R. Komba, BSc 9Eng), Tutorial Assistant


Academic Staff (Architects + Quantity Surveyors)

  • Dr. L. Bulamile,  PhD., Lecturer
  • Dr Fatuma Mohammed, PhD, Lecturer
  • Mr B. Lyakwipa, M.Arch, Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr D. Msumba, B.Arch, Tutorial Assistant
  • Arch Ms L. Kakuru, B.Arch, Tutorial Assistant
  • Ms M. Sisila, B.Arch, Tutorial Assistant
  • Mr C. Olomi, B.Arch, Tutorial Assistant
  • Mr. R. Sanga,  B.Arch, Tutorial Assistant
  • Mr. A. Behitza, B.Arch, Tutorial Assistant
  • Mr. C. Kimaro, M.Arch, Assistant Lecturer
  • Ms Sylvia Mnisi, M.Arch, Assistant Lecturer
  • Mr Erick Mngumi, M.Arch, Assistant Lecturer
  • QS Mr. Masoud Makoye, MSc, Assistant Lecturer
  • QS Mr. J. Ntiakunze, MSc, Assistant Lecturer
  • QS Ms Grace Felician, MSc, Assistant Lecturer