Vision and Mission

The College vision is as follows:

“To become, and be considered  by others, as the leading institution  in engineering and technology in the African region”.

The mission of CoET is:

“To  deliver  high  quality  and  competitive  training  in engineering  and  technology; research and technology development and transfer outputs; and consultancy and knowledge  intensive  services  that  are  recognized  nationally  and  internationally, thereby enhancing efficient utilization of natural resources, entrepreneurship and innovativeness  among engineers and hence, stimulating sustainable development”.

The College is guided by the following basic objectives:
(i)    To  supply  the  country   with  high  level  engineering   human   power  as  agents   of development   and   change,   thus   contributing   to   the   indigenous   development   of infrastructure,  industry, mining and trade;
(ii)   To  perform  research  and  technology   development   and  transfer  in  the  interest  of suitable exploitation  and local processing  of natural resources  in Tanzania,  ultimately leading  to  innovation  of  technical  products  and  production  processes  for  the  local industry; and
(iii)  To provide expert professional services in the form of learned and knowledge intensive consultancy to industry as well as public and private organizations  and institutions, and thereby render new findings applicable to the national development process.

CoET’s  strategic  objectives  are  set  out  through  the  Five-year  Rolling  Strategic  Plan  to address the College’s changing environment  and to draw upon its strengths. In year 2017/18 the strategic objectives of CoET were:

SO 1:     Expanded Student Enrolment;
SO 2:     Improved Quality of Teaching and Learning, and Relevance of Academic Programmes;
SO 3:     Improved Volume and Quality of Research, Technology Development,  Innovations and Publications;
SO 4:     Rationalized and Improved Consultancy, Services and Professional Development Programmes (PDP) for Increased Income Generation;
SO 5:     Attained Excellence in Engineering and Technology, and Maintenance  of National and International Linkages; and
SO 6:     Strengthened Institutional Capacity.