About Us - philosophy

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies was established in 2013, shifting it to the College of Humanities as a foundational discipline in its own right, from its previous location as a unit within the Department of Political Science and Public Administration within the College of the Social Sciences. Philosophy as an autonomous department aims to fill the gap that existed in the academic curriculum of the University overall, with syllabi that provide students with skill sets to improve their reasoning ability and critical thinking capacity. Philosophy as a discipline invests in intellectual development and encourages the birth of new ideas and critical analysis. The department’s course offerings advance the sorts of analytic investigation necessary for deepening scholars’ understanding of social, political, professional, and economic problems. Philosophy as an academic discipline affords students the dexterity of theoretical and practical outlooks in order to pursue policy analysis and problem-solving in uncharted directions.

The Department’s course offerings continue to expand by providing complements to other subjects in other Colleges – of the Social Sciences, throughout the arts, professional courses such as business, law, and medicine, by way of teaching ethics, critical theory, and applied logic.