About CVL

The Center for Virtual Learning (CVL) of University of Dar es Salaam provides technical support to all UDSM academic units in the design and provision of ICT-mediated distance learning programs. CVL provides a wide variety of support to academics in educational technology that includes instructional multimedia production and training in using Moodle Learning Management System.

The Vision and Mission of CVL:

To become one of the best ODeL Centre for virtual two-way delivery of relevant and quality academic programmes and short courses in the country and in the region.

The core Mission of CVL is to be aggressively and efficiently use the power of modern ICTs, the infrastructure and facilities at UDSM to increase the virtual access to relevant and quality higher education programmes to and from Tanzania through ODeL Centres.

The centre consists of the following sections:

  1. Internal Section
  2. Multimedia Section
  3. External Section

Internal Section

The functions of this section are:

  • To network with UDSM academic units in the delivery of the courses to the distance Learning Centres.
  • To liaise with UDSM academic units in the selection of students from distance Learning Centres.
  • To liaise with UDSM academic units in the selection of facilitators from distance Learning Centres.
  • To promote and market UDSM ICT – mediated distance education programmes
  • To provide support to students (coordination function)

Multimedia Section

  • To assist course lecturers from the different UDSM academic units adapt their course content for virtual learning.
  • To produce multiple copies of the courseware produced by the Multimedia Laboratory.
  • To facilitate the delivery of live lectures.
  • To disseminate the courseware in various formats (server hosting, CDs, video tapes, etc).
  • To provide training in e-learning for UDSM staff and students.

External Section

  • Coordinate the delivery of virtual academic programmes originating from other institutions
  • Preliminary selection of students for admission in accordance with the criteria set by the owner of the programme.
  • To identify local course facilitators and forward the same to the owner of programme (if any)
  • To deal with administrative matters related to students and local facilitator (timetables, running of labs, etc)
  • To perform regular technical Maintanance of labs, satelite and video conferencing facilities used for course delivery
  • Supervising and Invigilating Exams for All Programmes offered by external institutions
  • Liase with respective course offering institutions to provide correct and timely feedback to students
  • Coordinate feedback from students and produce report to UDSM management as well as course offering institutions

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