Welcome Note

Welcome to the College of Social Sciences at the University of Dar es Salaam. Founded in 1964 as Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, in 2013 as a result of steady growth it changed to be College of Social Sciences after splitting Humanities and Social Sciences. College of Social sciences is the home to the five academic departments and centres. Each department is lead by the Head of Department while the College is lead by the Principal and Deputy Principal with Coordinators and the Administrative team.


College of Social Sciences offers rigorous multidisciplinary academic programmes. The bachelor degrees are three years programmes offered in the fields of Economics, Statistics, Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Anthropology, Political Science, Public Administration and International Relations, Geography and Environmental Management. 

At postgraduate studies level there are 17 masters’ degree programmes offered for a period between 18 and 24 months. Doctoral Studies are offered by coursework as well as by thesis. The College of Social Sciences is the right place of choice for your postgraduate studies.


College of Social Sciences is obliged to preparing students for meaningful careers, advanced professional training, and lively role in public life. We engage, enthuse, and transform tomorrow’s leaders and brilliant scholar ready to offer ground-breaking solutions to the critical issues we face in our nation and the globe.


University of Dar es Salaam is the leading Higher Education Institution in the country and the College of Social Sciences is pride of being the largest college with eminent academics and high number of students enrollment to the many programmes highlighted here. The college works tirelessly to advance the mission of our university to make significant contributions to knowledge, progress the quest of learning and impart that intellectual and moral heritage to successive generations of students.


Alexander Makulilo

Principal, College of Social Sciences

Associate Professor of Political Science