University of Dar es Salaam Advancement Office is charged with the responsibility of assisting the university to make progress—or make ‘advance’—towards fulfilling its mission and objectives through a combination of approaches and strategies.  This Office serves to add onto, or else invigorate the university’s resources through inter-related functions of alumni relations, fund-raising activities, student recruitment activities, communications and public relations. It is a comprehensive office that exists to serve the entire community through a corporate approach.

The University Advancement office generates the external recognition, support and financial resources the university needs to carry out its mission and to achieve its goals. Working with alumni, parents, donors and the community, University  Advancement broadens the resources available the university to enhance academic quality and strengthen the region. 

The goal of Advancement Services is to raise funds in support of university-wide priorities, to maximize the accuracy of our database, to expedite tax receipts, to provide comprehensive research services and to provide timely and comprehensive reports along with leading edge system support and programming. 


Corporate & Foundation Relations: UDSM seeks to diversify its Corporate & Foundation partnerships which align its strategic initiatives with each individual organization’s interests and priorities. These include but not limited to large organizations, global companies or local area family-owned businesses, community foundations or family or independent foundations.

These alliances form a powerful base which has the ability to propel the University’s level of excellence in teaching, research and knowledge exchange through the provision of financial support and internship opportunities for students, raising research and development to greater heights, and securing other educational opportunities. 

Awards Administration: Gifts to UDSM are often used to create financial awards for students – a truly rewarding experience. Whether you’re an individual, family, faculty member or alumni group, anyone can create a student award.

Your gift immediately improves the lives of students. Your award can encourage academic excellence and perseverance. Or, your gift can honor the memory of a loved one. 

Gifts Administration: The role of Gifts Administration at UDSM is to accept donations, provide charitable tax receipts, express thanks to our donors for their support and to forward these funds to the donor-designated Faculty, Department, Award or Program.

Annual Giving: Each year UDSM relies on the generosity of alumni, parents and friends to provide support for current university-wide priorities. Gifts made to the Annual Fund go directly to the programs and projects that matter most to our alumni, students, and friends.


At the historical 50th Convocation Annual General Meeting (AGM) prelude to the 50th Anniversary celebrations on 25th October 2011, the long-felt need for a University Student Centre was mooted. The concept was explained, pointing to the need for a physical setup or location designed to facilitate access by students to a range of services of direct relevance to their academic needs as well as social amenities. A  University Students’ Centre essential as a focal point for community life at a university as a multi-functional hub where students should find easy access to vital information on a wide variety of programmes and activities, and where they could physically meet, relax and reflect with a minimum of tensions that arise from the everyday schedules and routines of academic life. A University Students’ Centre is, as was explained, supposed to be a combination of work, leisure, relaxation and more reflective and productive thinking.


With honour and courtesy, the University of Dar es Salaam and the Convocation―in its collective sense of the University’s alumni, senior leadership and teachers―stand together to appeal to all graduates of the University, to all the friends of the University and to all caring individuals of kindly humanitarian persuasion and philanthropy to come to the University’s assistance in this cause. It is a humble appeal for cooperation, collaboration and solidarity on something that will leave a mark not only on the young university today but also on generations of creators and re-creators of tomorrow’s society. So goes one old African proverb: “one finger cannot kill a louse.” Surely, this is a task that can be accomplished not by only one party but in synergy with all well-wishers. It is a premium project we would all wish to invest in for the sake of future possibilities associated with a generation of young and active scholars on campus. Elsewhere, it has been said: “It takes two to tango.” The Students Centre project is in truth a “gigantic dance” to which we invite and request everyone to join and offer a helping hand. Kindly come out to join us in playing the tango together. Offer your pledge. (Dowload Bronchure). To read the Full Concept Note including Architect’s Impression of the Proposed UDSM Student Center:


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