Research Agenda

IDS Research Agenda serves to provide a broad frame one the basis of which specific research programmes and projects are designed and executed. Research work at IDS is carried out by individual members of staff and by the Institute’s study Groups that are constituted as follows:

  • Science and Technology study Group;
  • IDS Women study Group;
  • IDS Gender Cluster;
  • Labour and Development study Group;
  • Poverty Eradication and Development study Group;
  • Rural DevelopmentStudy Group; and
  • Urban Development Study Group.

 Across and with this study group there are six major broad research themes which researches are designed and executed;   

  • Socio-economic PolicyReform andstrategies;
  • Agrarian Reforms and Strategies;
  • Science, Technology and Society;
  • Population, Environment and Development;
  • Gender, Policy Mainstreaming and Globalisation;
  • Globalisation, Regional Integration and Democration.

In turn, the themes are developed on the basis of current and priority development policy needs and demands within and outside the country. For more development value, the design and execution of the themes are carried out within an interdisciplinary and ‘transdisciplinary ‘ framework.

The institute houses the Great lake Region Documentation Network. The Network has its It processing Unit. It transforms paper documents into electronic files on the Great Lake Region that can be accessed on the internet and produced on the internet and produced CD-ROM. For more details of the Unit Visit its home page.