Prof Angelo Mapunda

Articles in Referred Journals


  • “The Law, Procedures and Policies on Enrollment to the Bar in Tanzania and How They Impact on Cross-Border Legal Practice within the East African Community”;  ORIENT JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIAL STUDIES, VOL.1X, ISSUE 4, MARCH 2015 Pages 23-36.


  • “General Administration of the Court of Appeal Rules 2009 and Delivery of Justice in Tanzania”; Accepted for Publication:


  • “Basics in Preparing a Memorandum of Appeal and Skeletal Arguments”; Accepted for Publication in THE NYERERE LAW JOURNAL, VOL.2, 2014


  • “Trotting to the Court of Appeal without Faltering: An Examination of the Basic Steps in Appealing to the Court of Appeal to Tanzania” in the OPEN UNIVERSITY LAW JOURNAL, Faculty of Law, Open University of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam; Vol.2 No.1, July 2008, (pages 32-50);


  • “The Effectiveness of Criminal Law in Regulating Sexual Behaviour: An Empirical Analysis of the Sexual Offences Special Provisions Act 1998, Act No.4 Cap.101; R.E.2002)” in the OPEN UNIVERSITY LAW JOURNAL, Faculty of Law, Open University of Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam; Vol. 1, No.2, December 2007 (pages77-109);


  • ” Employment Law and HIV/Aids at Places of Work in Tanzania” Paper Presented at UNDP/National Workshop on Law, Ethics, Human Rights and HIV Aids- Prevention and Control in Tanzania, 13-15th January 1997. East Africa Law Review and Journal of Law and Development Vol.28, Dare salaam University Press.       


  • “Reflections on Stare Decis in the Court of Appeal of the United Republic of Tanzania” authored jointly with M. C. Mukoyogo; A. T. Nguluma in the EASTERN AFRICA LAW REVIEW, VOL.16, NO.2 DEC.1989; (pages 1-23); SPECIAL ISSUE ON THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE COURT OF APPEAL OF TANZANIA published by the Faculty of Law, University of Dar es Salaam.
  • Some Reflections on the Regulation of Prices Act, 1973;” in LAW REFORM BULLETIN, Vol.1, No. 2, 1987; published by the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam.


Book Chapters


  • Author of “Proceedings against the Government in Tanzania” (2008) Chapter 11; Part 111 of the Book titled “HUMAN RIGHTS, CONSTITUTIONALISM AND THE JUDICIARY: Tanzanian and Irish Perspectives” edited by William Binchy & Catherine Finnegan; Clarus Press, Dublin, Republic of Ireland (pages 153-170).
  • Author of “Standardizing the Criteria for Admission to Practice Law in East Africain the book on LAW&JUSTICE IN TANZANIA:  A QUARTER OF A CENTURY OF THE COURT OF APPEAL OF TANZANIA” (2007); Chapter 16 pages 277-311) Nyota & Mkuki Publishers; Dar es Salaam. The article appears in the EAST AFRICAN LAWYER, the Official Magazine of the East African Law Society; Issue No. 9 of December 2005; Nairobi, Kenya
  • Author of “Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Tanzania” in the book on LEGAL ASPECTS OF DOING BUSINESS IN AFRICA; Chapter 9 (pg. 209-223) in  Campbell, D. & others (edit.); published by Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers- Nijhoff Publishing House, Netherlands, 1987.
  • Co-Author of Law on “ Doing Business 2008: Comparing Regulation in 178 Economies”;  published jointly by the WORLD BANK: INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT  & INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. October 29, 2007.